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About Us

The Laramie River Valley Rendezvous is an effective and unique program which has served over 1,200 at-risk youth to date. Each summer, our program unites 40 at-risk youth between the ages of 13 and 16 with local police officers, firefighters, the Colorado National Guard and other community volunteers for a fun filled week in the mountains near the Rawah Wilderness area. Our campers come from single parent homes, blended family homes and foster homes. Studies have shown that this activity has improved our teenage participants' self-esteem, promoted positive views towards law enforcement and reduced teenage recidivism rates.

All applicants must include a short essay written by the student and include a written sponsorship by a school counselor, resource or probation officer, mental health specialist, or other professional. LRVR creates an opportunity for the individuals who work with at-risk youth to support and mentor the kids who most need caring influences to turn them in the right direction, for greater success in school and life.

The camp is 100% free to the campers! LRVR is supported by community donations, grants and local fund raising events.

The Colorado National Guard has had national representatives attend the camp to try and replicate this concept in other areas of the country. The Summit County, Colorado Sheriff's Department has also sent deputies to the camp for the last three years and hopes to create a similar program in their area.