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Ray Gillan

Board Member

A Firefighter with Poudre Fire Authority and Professional Clown, Ray provides youth education about fire prevention and safety. Ray has been instrumental in the feeding of all LRVR campers and staff as chef at rendezvous as well as reponsible for meal planning and supply purchases. His entire family participates in the Rendezvous every summer. Previously, Ray served as a board member of St Joseph School, served on Northern Colorado Fire Safety Training Association as well as the Fire and Life Safety Educators of Colorado.

Brad McCleod

Board Member

Brad and his twin brother Barry came to the Rendezvous at the age of 13 as campers.  Since then Brad has become our lead white water rafting guide, responsible for the maintenance of our rafting equipment and the actual trips themselves. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves watching the campers enjoy themselves on the whitewater rafting trip. Brad works in the Northern Colorado area installing radon systems during the week and enjoys friends and family on the weekends.

Bruce Younger

Board Member

Affectionately nicknamed "Grumps", Bruce Younger is a recent retiree. Bruce worked for the City of Lenexa, Kansas for many years in the public works department. Bruce volunteers for many non-profit organizations and focuses his energy on organizations that address youth in our community. He and his wife Paula have attended the camp every year since retiring and love developing positive, mentoring relationships with campers.

Michael Martich

Board Member

Michael Martich is a member of the Colorado National Guard, Joint Counterdrug Task Force and Drug Demand Reduction NCOIC. Mike's been active in LRVR for 12 years, providing education information on the perils of drug and alcohol use in a peer to peer manner.


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